Diploma of Kinesiology

study to become a professional practitioner

Study the Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT5​2415)

How long will it take?

The Diploma is offered ​Full-Time over 3 years.

Diploma 1st year: 10 kinesiology workshops, 7 Home Studies
Diploma 2nd year: 10 kinesiology workshops, 6 Home Studies
Diploma 3rd year:  5 kinesiology workshops

We ​also offer ​part-time classes.  The diploma is studied over a maximum of 6 years part-time.

Earn while you learn...

Students having completed the first 10 units (BKP 101-109 + EMS201) ​can continue to build a client base as ​they develop specialised skills in kinesiology.

The Diploma develops extensive advanced kinesiology techniques and skills in the students.

​​Including units help with allergies and sensitivities to foods, substances and environmental issues that are quickly becoming a problem and affecting more people every year.

Students will also learn Kinesiology techniques and the effectiveness of vibrational energies such as flower essences, gems, charkas and the auric fields. There are also a number of units covering other deeper emotional aspects of health.

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These units are accredited by the Australian Nationally Recognised Training Authority and the industry representative body, the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists, and entitle graduates to register as a professional member.

Some Health Funds now require a Diploma in Kinesiology for clients to be able to claim.

Clients of Kinesiology Schools Australia diploma graduates qualify for these rebates.

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Diploma of Kinesiology - Unit Descriptions

Emotional Healing Units

  • EMS​ 201
  • EMS 301
  • EMS 302
  • EMS 303

Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

This unit develops skills to defuse a variety of emotional stress issues including active listening, challenges to authority and terminating a relationship. More importantly how and when to use each one.

Nutrition & Ecology Units

  • Eco 201
  • Eco 202
  • NUT 201

Lifestyle and Dietary Modification

Students learn Kinesiology techniques relating to dietary habits and lifestyle and how to identify nutritional excess and deficiencies and when clients need to add or delete supplements.

Muscle Units

  • MST 201
  • MST 202
  • MST 203
  • MST 301

Muscle and Skin Activation

Students develop skills and understanding in identifying and correcting meridian energy imbalance related to muscle circuits, skin, scars, blood chemistry, thymus and spleen energy. This variety of techniques covers a number of key areas not previously covered.

Joints, Adrenals & Flexibility

  • JAF 201
  • JAF 301
  • JAF 302

Injury, Strain & Inflexibility

This unit teaches students about inflexibility and restriction of muscles due to injury, strain and a variety of other causes.

Those completing this unit will be able to use injury recall, pitch, roll and yaw, strain/counterstrain, unwinding, homolateral muscle, specific exercise selection, CIA stretch and shock absorber techniques.

Vibrational Energy

  • VEF 201
  • VEF 301
  • VEF 302

Metaphysical Energy Fields

Students in this unit will learn how to evaluate and correct various energy fields such as chakras and the auric fields that are vital to our health and how we perform.

Other Kinesiology Units

  • PIB 203
  • MST 201

Basic Brain Integration Skills

Learning difficulties is a topic of high discussion. Kinesiology is a huge help to both adults and children with these problems.

This unit teaches techniques related to neurological blind spots caused by fear, pain, self-doubt of learning difficulties and dyslexia.

Full-time & Part-time Study Options

Kinesiology College Hervey Bay is a campus of Kinesiology Schools Australia (KSA) – a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) 30916.  We offer a variety of short courses and workshops for those interested in finding out more about kinesiology and in looking after their own health. 

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