​Why Study with KSA?

Kinesiology Schools Australia - Registration number: 30916

Kinesiology Schools Australia  (KSA) is a Registered Training Organisation offering nationally recognised Diploma in Kinesiology and is accredited by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP).

KSA consists of six campuses throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Having seven locations means students can, if they desire, start their study at one campus and continue at another. All marks will be automatically transferred.

The Professional Kinesiology Programme™, is the course taught by Kinesiology Schools Australia. The program is also taught in more than 16 countries, in 40 affiliated colleges around the world, and has been translated into more than 8 languages making it one of the most widely used modalities of Kinesiology worldwide.

Since we are a specialised Kinesiology college, students can be assured that the syllabus meets the highest industry standards and the lecturers are Specialised Kinesiologists in private practice.

All Kinesiology Schools Australia lecturers are accredited Workplace Trainers, practicing Kinesiology consultants and qualified Faculty of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. Each Kinesiology Schools Australia campus must have at least one Senior Faculty Member of the International College on staff.

This once again assures students will receive high quality training and practical hands on experience.

Why This Course is Superior

* PKP has a proven record since the early 1980s

* Professionally written by a medical doctor

* Covers practically all aspects of Kinesiology

* Student Assessment Journal – directed self study to help you practice and learn between classes

* Nationally & Internationally Recognised Training

* Austudy approved

* Accredited by both Kinesiology Associations – AKA and AIK

* Kinesiology Schools Australia has 6 colleges to choose from in 3 states within Australia - if move can continue your studies automatically

* Internationally recognised – can continue your study overseas

* “Earn As You Learn”: set up your own practice after completion of 1st year while completing the Diploma.

* Plenty of practical, hands on clinical experience

* Covers most learning styles using Theory, Discussions, Demonstrations, Questions, Practice, Practical examples, Student Journal, and Class activities.

* Many Health Funds require practitioners to have a minimum of a Diploma.

* This means that your clients are eligible for a health fund rebate.

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