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health & wellness workshops

for yourself & your family

Introducing the K-Power® Courses

​We generally run each of these programs when there is enough demand (ie. at least 4 participants).

If you ​would like to attend a specific course, let us know and we will be able to schedule a suitable date to run it.

Some of these courses have prerequisites, so please check the details within each program.

K-Power® Mind-Body Series

Stress management skills for the benefit of you, your family, friends and clients

Stress Release Made Easy

​5 Element Fundamentals & Muscle Testing Basics

Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

​Beyond Co-Dependancy

​Family Stress Strategies

K-Power® ​Practitioner Series

Professional development workshops for manual therapists and body workers

5 Element Fundamentals & Muscle Testing Basics

​​Core Muscles & Techniques for Stability and Strength

​​The Shoulder / Arm Protocol

​​The Elbow / Wrist / Hand Protocol

​​The Hip / Thigh Protocol

​​The Knee / Ankle / Foot Protocol

​​Pelvic Postures & Joint Stability

Pitch, Roll, Yaw & Tilt

K-Power® Personology - Instinctual Behaviour Series

Deepening our understanding of who we are and why we do the things we do!

Your Face Is Talking To Me

​​​Your Face Is Talking Again

Other K-Power® Courses

More workshops for professionals and lay-persons

Tibetan Energy & Vitality

​​​New Perceptions in Life and Living - Flower Essences

Epigenetic Healing Cycles

​​Too many courses to choose from?

Where ​should you start?

​The Top 3 Choices ​We ​Recommend...

  • Stress Release Made Easy
  • Epigenetic Healing Cycles
  • Tibetan Energy & Vitality

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