​What is ICPKP?

The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice is the world's foremost provider of course material and assessment tools in kinesiology, the science of energy balancing.

The ICPKP was founded in 1998 by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe to meet the needs of students all over the world for an internationally recognised training in kinesiology. The course material is based on the world-renowned Professional Kinesiology Practice workshops (PKP I - IV) which have been taught in 20 countries around the world and translated into 8 languages.

ICPKP is not itself a training college

​ICPKP does not take students or run courses in kinesiology but merely provides teaching materials and assessment tools to colleges who wish to teach this material.

Licenced Colleges

Kinesiology institutes and colleges around the world have the opportunity to adopt units from the ICPKP syllabus to meet the kinesiology requirements for national certificates and diplomas in kinesiology in their country. Colleges that meet ICPKP requirements are licenced to teach ICPKP material.

For colleges in countries where there is no kinesiology association or practitioner accreditation process ICPKP will work with the KPAB (Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board) using the NZ Qualifications Authority approved Certificate and Diploma as the basis for training.

​ICPKP Faculty Status

​ICPKP run a series of Faculty Admission Courses for those wishing to teach ICPKP material, and graduates of these courses can become ICPKP Faculty. Colleges who wish to provide courses which utilize ICPKP units must use teachers who have achieved ICPKP Faculty Status to teach ICPKP sourced material.

Note: People with ICPKP Faculty Status are given the courtesy title of ICPKP Faculty Member although they are not employed by ICPKP. Faculty Status and the courtesy title Faculty Member allows them to teach ICPKP course material through a Licensed College.