​PKP Course Authors

​Dr Bruce & Joan Dewe

Dr Bruce Dewe, co-founder of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, is one of the world’s leading international lecturers in Kinesiology and has been a medical doctor for over 30 years.  

He was first introduced to Kinesiology in 1977 and has been involved and instrumental in its development ever since.  Dr Dewe introduced a series of advanced skills workshops for Kinesiology in the early 1980s which then evolved into the PKP workshops and finally to an International PKP Certification Programme.

Joan Dewe is a Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner who specialises in Kinesiology at her clinic in Auckland.  Having followed her husband Bruce into complimentary medicine she has helped develop the PKP workshops and pioneered teaching them.  Initially trained as a high school teacher, Joan’s ability to summarise information into clear stepwise procedures has helped make PKP an easy to learn modality.

During the 1990’s Bruce and Joan re-wrote and updated the complete PKP course making it a student friendly in-depth learning experience. Kinesiology courses were traditionally put together as new techniques emerged. The re-write of these courses has now made learning a free flowing and integrated experience making learning easier and building confidence and competency very quickly.